Leadership and Roles

Elected Officers

Chairman Ken Berger – LD10Chair@gmail.com – Organizes the District for effective and continuous work on behalf of the Republican Party and it’s candidates.

1st Vice Chairman Brian Eckley – BrianJEckley@gmail.com – Lead membership and recruitment efforts for the District, and training PC’s in collaboration with other elected Officers and Precinct Captains.

2nd Vice Chairman Julie Ryan – JulieRyan49@gmail.com – Coordinate meetings, programs and schedule speakers.

Corresponding Secretary Melody Wagnor – lovinjim@outlook.com – Transmit required official meeting notices to the District, Board, and Executive Officials.

Recorder – Michael Dillon – enigmann@usa.net – Process the meeting minutes.

Treasurer – Teresa Malo – teresa.involved@yahoo.com – Prepare, process and maintain the District Budget

Appointed Officers

3rd Vice Chairman Rick Mueller – rmueller95@gmail.com – Assist with the Training Efforts and Recruitment

3rd Vice Chairman Dennis Liles – deliles@cox.net – Oversee LD Communications and Chair the Ballot Chasing program

3rd Vice Chairman Kathleen Liles – freedomwerker@gmail.com – Oversee Outreach and Engagement activities.






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